Our Services

Maximize Performance

Managing performance is often dreaded, but it is an essential component of leading others. Foundations Consulting partners with HR leaders, managers, Board members and employees to maximize the impact of the performance management process and build employee engagement while achieving individual and collective goals. 


  • Analyze current processes and systems

  • Recommend changes to meet business needs

  • Training

  • General Manager/CEO online performance system


Leverage Compensation

Whether its compensation strategy, variable pay programs or an analysis of base pay, Foundations Consulting offers expert compensation analysis and recommendations to align compensation and business goals. 


HR Practices

Gain a fresh perspective on HR and management practices around key employee touchpoints - customized to meet the needs of your cooperative.

  • HR Audit and Compliance

  • Process improvement

  • HR best practice solutions  

  • Exit Interviews
  • Onboarding Interviews



Bringing awareness and understanding to new and experienced team leads, supervisors, and managers is important. We offer interactive sessions and practical scenarios based on employment law, risk mitigation and manager best practices. 


  • Virtual and in-person delivery options

  • Compliance, compensation and performance management topics

  • Customized to support your HR processes and philosophy


Your CEO

Streamline your General Manager/CEO’s performance process through an online tool that is easy for Board members to use, with clean and accurate reporting to aid in performance review discussions. Board members can also gain valuable insight by using a neutral compensation resource for GM compensation and performance discussions.


Your Board

Our Board-specific training equips members to understand compensation and performance management best practices and builds an understanding for how those principles can be incorporated into your business to better serve members and improve employee engagement and effectiveness.