Foundations Consulting Story

If you found this page you may be a little curious to know who we are – and we are thankful for that!


In a nutshell, Foundations Consulting provides human resource (HR) expertise to rural cooperatives across the country. We are the consulting arm of Farm Credit Foundations, a shared HR services provider in Farm Credit. Within Foundations Consulting, our customers come from both Farm Credit and agricultural cooperative organizations.

We are a cooperative ourselves, so we understand the business model and how it works. We also relate well to the challenges cooperatives face when it comes to the people side of the business. Leveraging that knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with cost-effective and best practice HR consulting services to help drive cooperatives forward. We aren’t here to get rich. We don’t have high margins.
We are here to provide value.

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That value is even greater when the talent of this team is considered. Not to brag, but our team consistently exceeds customer expectations, providing expert service that is timely, accurate, and customized to fit your cooperative. Whether you have a large HR department or are a small cooperative where HR often wears multiple hats, we understand those differences and create solutions to meet you where you are - to move you forward, no matter where you are today.