Maximize Performance

Managing performance is critical to providing excellent customer service and meeting organizational goals and objectives. Having a culture and process that drives employee and manager behavior will positively impact your organization.

We help cooperatives improve their performance management strategy and process

​Typical services include the following:

Review current performance process for legal risks and HR best practices

Facilitate feedback from employees, managers and senior leaders on the current process

Provide current trends and best practice information

Update the performance management philosophy to align with current and future organizational direction

Update performance processes and forms to align with the cooperative’s philosophy

Conduct training for managers and individual contributors on their role in the performance management process

Foundations Consulting also offers an online performance management system specific to your General Manager/CEO

In Practice

A cooperative’s performance management process was completed via paper and included a lot of redundant questions. 

Services Provided. Foundations Consulting facilitated focus groups, gathering information on the benefits and downfalls of the performance management process.  Based on that information a new performance management process was developed and implemented. Foundations Consulting helped vet online performance management vendors and provided consultation on best practices within the industry.


Results. Managers and employees have an interactive process that is jointly owned. Employees are able to voice their perspective and managers are able to spend more time on the content and the conversation and less on completing checkmarks on an outdated form.