Manage Your CEO

General Manager/CEO compensation and performance management within a cooperative is unique. We bring that unique perspective using proven tools and resources to support Board members at every step.


Facilitated Performance Discussions

An experienced consultant  facilitates an interactive discussion with the Board regarding the CEO or General Manager’s (GM) performance.

While these dialogues are customized to your needs, a typical process may include:

Facilitate discussion
on performance
Review market
compensation data
Facilitate discussion on compensation philosophy and pay adjustments
Online Performance Evaluation Platform

Gather performance feedback from Board members before the Board meeting.

Our online platform is a popular solution for a variety of reasons:

  • Confidential online platform administered by neutral third-party

  • Customizable ratings, annual goals, competencies, and open-ended questions

  • General Manager/CEO completes self-evaluation, which is viewable by Board members when they log into the website

  • Board members log in to review and add ratings and feedback on their own time

  • Foundations Consulting creates a timeline that works for you. We take care of the logistics!

  • Final performance reports included to support the in-person performance conversation

In Practice

An upper Midwest cooperative used the online performance evaluation platform – called C-VAL - to administer their CEO’s annual review.

Services Provided. We created a customized timeline and process to meet the needs of the cooperative’s Board, HR leaders and CEO. Foundations Consulting communicated login information and supported questions from Board members to ensure the process went smoothly.


Results. The CEO easily provided self-ratings and comments for the Board to review and provide feedback on.  The cooperative’s Board provided confidential feedback to the CEO through the performance evaluation platform.


The reporting was clear and provided them with the information needed to move forward. Feedback from the client included, “It was great to see the format, scores and comments. There is so much rich insight.”