Maximize Your Cooperative’s Potential: Conduct an HR Assessment

HR ProcessesEvery cooperative is unique. While there are universal HR best practices, the specific needs of your cooperative—such as its size, location, customer expectations, leadership philosophy, and organizational structure—determine which HR strategies and policies are most effective for you. Tailoring HR solutions to your cooperative's unique characteristics ensures optimal performance and growth.


Foundations Consulting knows cooperatives and rural America inside and out. With decades of experience in HR consulting for rural cooperatives, we are your trusted partner for effective and tailored HR solutions.



Assess HR at Your Cooperative

Foundations Consulting offers a comprehensive HR Assessment through a virtual meeting. We'll ask targeted questions to understand your cooperative’s current status and identify the goals you aim to achieve.


Experienced HR consultants explore a variety of topics, which generally include:

  • Recruiting and Onboarding New Hires

  • Compensation

  • Employee Retention and Turnover

  • Succession and Career Progression

  • Learning and Development
  • Performance Management

  • Leadership

  • Compliance

  • Strategic Goals

After the conversation, Foundations Consulting will prepare a report and have a conversation with you on our findings and suggestions. Our findings will identify strengths and gaps that can be used to propel your cooperative forward.



Your Time Investment: 2 hours (1.5 for assessment and .5 for analysis review)


Financial Investment: $450 (includes interview and final report)



To Schedule

Email Foundations Consulting or complete this form. We will reach out to you to identify your focus and schedule a time for our virtual meeting.