Enhance Training

Foundations Consulting offers virtual and in-person training for Board members, managers and individual contributor audiences. Each training can be customized to align with your culture, procedures and core values.

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Students and Teacher in Classroom
Compensation Education

Board members and managers benefit by understanding compensation best practices and how compensation decisions are made.

Overview of Manager and Board Member Training Content 

Board Member Training
  • Core compensation practices for cooperatives

  • General Manager/CEO compensation

  • Variable compensation plans

  • Marketplace trends

Manager Training
  • How jobs are matched to market data

  • Use of market data in determining salary range

  • Making compensation decisions within best practice and budget parameters

  • How to explain compensation decision to employees

Performance Management

Managers and employees benefit by understanding their role in the performance management process. Our training sessions build skills and engagement into moving performance management from a “need to do” to an ongoing conversation to strengthen performance outcomes.


Training topics can be grouped and tailored to your cooperative’s needs.

Starting the Year: Goal Setting (2.5 hours) – Manager Audience

  • Clearly articulate expectations

  • Write SMART goals to motivate desired behaviors

  • Virtual 90-minute training opportunity available. Learn More

Understanding My Role in the Performance Review (2 hours) – Individual Contributor

  • Building SMART goals

  • Writing my self-evaluation

  • Giving and receiving feedback


Mid-Year Conversations: Feedback (2 hours) – Manager Audience

  • Deliver effective positive and constructive feedback

  • Learn how to increase receptivity to feedback

  • Virtual 90-minute training opportunity available. Learn More

Making it Fair: Rating Consistency (1.5 hours) – Manager Audience

  • Avoid rating bias

  • Create a shared understanding and agreement of your organization’s rating scale

Preparing for Year-End: Performance Review - Delivery and Documentation (1.5 hours) – Manager Audience

  • Clearly document performance discussions  

    • 1:1 conversations

    • Mid-year conversations

    • Performance reviews

  • Minimize legal and financial risk to organization

  • Deliver effective performance reviews to motivate team members

  • Virtual 90-minute training opportunity available. Learn More

In Practice

‘Years in the job’ don’t always equate to understanding current best practices in motivating employees to grow themselves and the business. 

Services Provided. Through virtual training sessions, managers learned about how to set employee goals that were focused on business deliverables while motivating employees. Participants began creating goals during the training, immediately putting their new skills to use.