Align HR Practices

Don’t know what you don’t know? Move your HR practices to the next level!

Foundations Consulting works with cooperative leaders and HR professionals to review and provide feedback on current HR practices – and provides suggestions based on the cooperative business model and HR best practices.  

Align HR Practices

We understand the law, as well as Human Resources and cooperatives. We bring a practical perspective to reviewing your policies and procedures. 

We conduct phone interviews to help cooperatives gather insights to inform initiatives, management practices and obtain a pulse on the organization. 

  • Onboarding Interviews - Learn about what aspects of onboarding are going well and gaps to improve the onboarding experience. Those first few months are critical to long-term engagement.

  • Stay Interviews - Capture in-depth data about the employee experience to identify any potential issues before it results in someone leaving the organization.

  • Exit Interviews - Gather insights on the employee experience all the way from the organization's strategy and communications to the employee's experience on the job and with their management

In Practice

We worked with a growing cooperative in Missouri that had one person handling the HR function while also working in Accounting; she wore many hats. They had experienced growth and were on the cusp of needing to create an independent HR function. The cooperative looked to Foundations Consulting for an independent assessment to help them move HR into a position that provides more strategic value to the business.

Services Provided. We assessed their current state: 

  • Employee Handbook review for legal compliance and HR best practices

  • On-site audit to ensure that existing policies were followed in practice and core HR needs were met

  • Facilitated dialogue with senior leadership to identify HR needs moving forward and incorporated those findings into long-term strategic recommendations